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Forest Schools/Bushcraft Days

JSF has been working with “Head Into The Wild” a provider of Forest School and Bushcraft activity days, we have arranged funding for days out for Bereaved Siblings to join in these fun sessions and enjoy the outdoors while taking some quiet time away from the grief at home.

The Trustees are happy to discuss any other type of support which is appropriate to individual interests.

We  Help to Improve the Mental Health of Bereaved Siblings

We can at least partially fund activities and/or counselling to support bereaved siblings. The Trustees are happy to discuss your particular needs and preferences and offer some support for activities which will improve the mental health of young people (0-25 years). These could be anything from one to one counselling or art therapy to membership of local sports clubs, providing it is within the local area and within the criteria written into the constitution. They type of support offered is entirely driven by the interests and wishes of the young person.

If you are a club or organisation which offeres activities which would be of interest to our young people please get in touch.

If you are a bereaved sibling and have a particular interest, you feel would help, please get in touch.


Memory Teddies for Bereaved Siblings.

I am thrilled to announce that we will be working with Rachelle of Tink and Boos Hand Made Gifts. She will be making special memory teddies which we will be giving to bereaved siblings, in memory of their brother, sister or close friend.
Rachelle made teddies for us, using Jon’s clothes and they have brought so much comfort. We hope the offer the same comfort to others too.

We help with funding for equipment

We support young people (under 25 years) to access monitors, alarms and other equipment which would not normally be available on the NHS.

We cannot recommend any particular equipment; details of the different types available can be found on 


We are happy to discuss individual requirements and consider providing at least partial funding towards eqiupment which is most suitable for the young person’s needs.  Examples of items we will consider

Alarms and Monitors, e.g. Nightwatch, Embrace, Pulseguard, and Epicare standard and mobile.

Bed Monitors e.g. Companion, Guardian, Sensor Mat, etc.

Protective Headgear,

Safety Pillows (anti suffocation pillows)

We have been working closey with LivAssured who supply NightWatch epilepsy monitors. Thanks to the many  fundraising events we have managed to purchase a number of monitors to provide support young people living with epilepsy.

Sorry but we cannot provide donations to other charities, Funeral services, Home adaptations, Holidays etc.

Working  in partnership with the manufacturers of  NighWatch.  

The device consists of a comfortable armband that closely monitors the wearer’s heart rate and motion during sleep. When the system suspects a possible major epileptic seizure, a warning is transmitted to a caregiver via a wireless signal to the armband’s corresponding base station. Visit their website for more information about the monitor, then contact Jon Shaw Foundation to discuss funding

If you would like to apply for a NightWatch monitor, we will pass your contact details to the company for a triage call to ensure this is the correct equipment for you.

More information


application for equipment 

Click the link above to open the application form for funding of equipment (word document can be edited). Please complete it with as much detail as possible, and ensure you read and sign the agreement at the end of the form. Email all parts to to the address on the form. Thank you

Working in partnership  to provide better care to more young people.

We are always looking to improve our support to young people and their families, and to do this we work hard to develop partnerships with suppliers of equipment in UK and Europe

We work closely with Sleep Safe, a family company run by healthcare professionals focused on Healthcare Integrity. Anyone ordering through our website using the link  will receive 22% discount on your order 

Epilepsy Alarms UK is a trusted supplier of …

… epilepsy monitoring devices in the UK and we are proud to have partnered with them. They provide a vast range of devices tailored to all kinds of needs, with products from reputable brands such as Empatica, NightWatch, Emfit, BrioCare, and many more. Click on the link to see what devices are available  and then get in touch with the Jon Shaw Foundation to discuss funding of your new equipment.

Working  in partnership with MedicAlert

As a charity for 57 years, MedicAlert has provided lifesaving MEDICAL IDs, which are worn on pulse points. The ID will ensure that in an emergency, anyone helping the wearer will know they have epilepsy, therefore allowing the right support to be given immediately. Knowing this provides peace of mind to the person and their family, improving their confidence to be more physically active and join in socially. Both of which could contribute to better health and self esteem.
● MedicAlert is the only charity in the UK that provides a full medical ID service.
● Members’ comprehensive medical records are available in emergency situations,with the most important information engraved on their custom-made medical ID jewellery.
● Records may include conditions, allergies, advanced directives and other relevant documentation.
● All MedicAlert member records are checked by medical professionals, both when they are set up and when anything changes to ensure they are accurate and prioritised for use in emergency situations.
● The 24/7 emergency line can be accessed from anywhere in the world and includes translation into 100 languages.
● We aim to support those with medical conditions to remain active and independent, and to provide peace of mind to both our members and their families.
MedicAlert membership provides you, or a loved one, peace of mind each and every day, no matter where you might be.

Use the unique Jon Shaw Foundation code JSHAW152021 at their checkout to get 15% off when joining. 

Working Hard to Promote Awareness of SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy)

Our charity is determined to promote awareness of the risks associated with epilepsy, including the risk of SUDEP.

We are not experts but we can signpost users to organisations which are. We regularly  research and follow the latest papers and discussions about SUDEP and share what we find through our social media links. 

The Founder, is working hard together with local Health Authorities to make changes to what is discussed with patients, sharing her experience of her traumatic loss is having an impact on leaders within the Authority. She is also working in partnership with the Specialist Nursing Team within the Neurology department at Royal Stoke University Hospital, to offer patients funding for equipments where appropriate and offering talks to local support groups.

We have shared our story in local press and radio, in an effort to reach the wider public and encourage them to ask questions of their clinicians






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